What Will It Rain by Jane Moncure

I must confess I didn’t know this story until a friend and former co-worker asked for the script.  I read it and really liked it.  Then I saw the pieces.  How cute? and How is it that I haven’t seen or used this flannel?  I’ve been here almost 16 years?  I keep typing When Will it Rain….I think the drought is getting to me.

What Will it Rain by Jane Moncure

Squirrel is sort of a Henny Penny figure. He is watching the sky and knows it will rain soon.

“It will rain something just for me!”

Then, he runs into bird… who is convinced it will rain something just for bird….

“I wish it will rain cherries for me,” said bird.

Squirrel is pretty sure that that it isn’t going to rain cherries.  Mouse gets in the act…

“I wish it would rain a mountain of cheese for me.”

and then

“I wish it would rain a bucket of bones.”


“I wish it would rain some fish for my dish”

“Why wish for cherries or cheese or bones or fish?  You won’t get your wish,” said the confident Squirrel….

“some corn, of course.”


“How about carrots?”

“No cherries, no cheese, no bones, no fish, and no corn.”

“It finally rains!”

The end scene:

“What will it Rain”


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3 thoughts on “What Will It Rain by Jane Moncure

  1. Lovely! May I ask what type of markers you use on felt?

    We use Sharpies. I don’t know what they used on this particular story as it was done when I wasn’t here. You can purchase sharpies in a multitude of colors. Wonderful! ~~Sharon 8/30/12

  2. I love that your library has such a rich history, with some many old treasures to be discovered! And I agree with Erin; this would be lovely in a fall storytime!

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