What Flannel Friday Means to Me: the Round-up

What Flannel Friday Means to Me: the Round-up


 Welcome to the round-up!

Next week we celebrate the second anniversary of Flannel Friday.  How are we celebrating?  By doing what Flannel Friday does best: this will be a regular “share your stuff” week.

However, in preparation of turning two, this week we are exploring “What Flannel Friday means” to each of you.  If you don’t  have a blog and want to share some love: you can do so in the comments below.

Regular Flannel Friday Posts:

Cate from Storytiming presents Feed the Cookie Monster.

Jane from Piper loves the Library has two posts today.  She’s putting the No is Snow (where it belongs in my opinion) with sNOw! sNOw! sNOw!

Katherine at Fun with Friends at Storytime is bringing us the sun with Here Comes the Sun…Flower.  A welcome theme after this long winter.

Kay at Storytime ABCs is Celebrating Dr. Seuss this week.

Lena from SixCranberries is celebrating Flannel Friday with Love is in the Air.  Lena is one of our international bloggers, she’s from Canada.  She’s getting married soon and wanted to share the joy with some chickadees.  Good luck!

Lisa from Libraryland is presenting Little Cloud by Eric Carle.  Stick around because Lisa has  second post in the next segment…

Mollie from What Happens in Storytime has dual posts this week as well. She’s sharing  Blue Bird Blue Bird.  Personally, I love all things bird and find this simple and cute.

Mrs. Shaia at Thrive after Three has a post that was inspired by a So Tomorrow post: Arthur’s Nose

Sarah at Read Rabbit Read is sharing Five Giant Pumpkins.  Stay tuned for her second post…

Special posts exploring the role of Flannel Friday in our lives (aka What Flannel Friday Means to Me)

See if you can catch the theme:

Amanda explains her relationship with Flannel Friday with a guest post on So Tomorrow’s blog.

Amy at catch the possibilities  explores what Friendship means.

Anna at Future Librarian Superhero shares her journey developing a PLN (new term for me).

Anne at So Tomorrow has something to say about Flannel Friday

Bridget at What is Bridget Reading gives us her Flannel Friday history.

Jane at Piper Love’s the Library talks to her diary of her love of FF.

Jen from Jen in the Library is one of our newest bloggers and sums FF up nicely.

Kendra at Read Sing Play explains her Flannel Friday journey and she has pictures!

Katie at Story Time Secrets is inspired by Flannel Friday…

Linda at Notes from the Story Room gave us a visual explanation and renewed her FF history.  It has a kitty.

Lisa at Libraryland shares her thoughts on Flannel Friday.’

LQ, our intrepid Scottish FFer, at Loons and Quines, has a wonderful visual represetation of Flannel Friday (think Wordle)!

Mary from Miss Mary Liberry has decided Flannel Friday means a whole Freakin lot to her….

Melissa at Mel’s Desk discovers what it means to find a hometown.

Mollie in What Happens in Storyime didn’t really have a blog until Melissa challenged others to join in the FF fun!

Sarah at Miss Sarah Storytime has an Ode to Flannel that cannot be missed!

Sarah at Read Rabbit Read has something to say about Flannel Friday….

Tracey from 1234 More Storytimes is letting the F words fly!

I’m Sharon and this is my blog.  I explain what I mean about Invisible Friends.

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26 Replies to “What Flannel Friday Means to Me: the Round-up”

  1. Sharon, thanks so much for giving us this wonderful opportunity to share our thoughts and to hear what everyone else has to say. What a wonderful round up! So many links too. Thanks for all your hard work this week!

  2. Looks like my special post for this week was eaten by the Internet Monsters. :o( It is no where to be found! I am so sad!

    I don’t think that I will have time to get it written up again but ~ if I do, I will be back to link it.

    I should have a Dr Seuss post ~ if it doesn’t get eaten! ~ that I may link up later today. That way I will have at least contributed something this week. :o)

    Thanks for hosting this week, Sharon. I can’t wait to read everyone’s thoughts!
    ~ K ~
    K: See what you can do by noon tomorroW!! Sharone

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