Ugly Fish by Kara Lareau

Ugly Fish by Kara Lareau

My co-worker Diane has an artist’s eye… We all have talents and Diane was hired because she was a caterer (practical, don’t you think?). When it was discovered that her attention to detail extended beyond things edible, we were elated! Diane is responsible for this flannel board. When I asked her if there was anything she wanted to say about it she said, “just make sure you have an alternate ending.” We’ll get to that, but I was hoping she would tell me how she knows what types of materials to use or certain things I should point out. Nope, it’s like the book.

Do you know the story of Ugly Fish? I won’t be writing out the book word for word (in deference to the author), just the highlights:

Ugly fish was Ugly. And Big. And Mean.

And he lives in a fish bowl… gliding in and out of his driftwood tunnel. And he loved to eat his yummy fish flakes.

Mmmmm, briny flakes. (sprinkle sprinkle sprinkle)

Well, one by one other fishes come in to the fishbowl with Ugly Fish. He doesn’t like it very much and eats them.

(The story introduces each fish friend one at a time, I put them all in at once in this picture so you can see the bowl.)

Here are the fish friends that are intoduced to the fish bowl one-by-one:

Teenie Fish
Kissy Fish
and Spotty Fish

And then Ugly Fish gets another visitor:


I like the edginess of this story. It’s unexpected. Ugly Fish is not a nice guy. Some children are taken a-back with the ending, which is why Diane cautioned to have an alternate ending.

The alternate ending as written on the post-it note:

“spits him out because he is so ugly he doesn’t even taste good. Tooey-tooey.”

Let’s talk about the fish bowl:

Isn’t it great? Diane used vinyl for the upper part which is taped on with book tape to the glittery flannel.

The bowl is pretty big. As you can see from this picture it measures 21 inches across.

For more ideas from Flannel Friday can be found at Anne’s blog.

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  1. Ugly Fish is such a great story. It fits so well with a grumpy-themed storytime. Not all days are sunshine and roses after all. This is so well done, and I love the alternate ending too.

  2. Love it! Especially the bowl and the flakes. Not all stories have to have a happy ending, either, but it is a good idea to have an alternate just in case.

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