Three Little Fish and the Big Bad Shark: a not-a-Flannel, Flannel Friday

Three Little Fish and the Big Bad Shark: a not-a-Flannel, Flannel Friday

Let me just say that we are under construction this summer.  Our program room is housing A/V materials, our puppet collections are in file drawers…and my 60+ puppet collection is at home. Nothing is as it should be, but this is such a cool prop story, I wanted to share this for Shark Week.  My co-worker Miss DJ made this prop story.  I hope you like it as much as I do.

3 fish big bad shark

Three Little Fish and The Big Bad Shark by Ken Geist is about seven years old, hopefully you can find a copy.  Momma Fish tells her three little fish, Jim, Tim and Kim to make a home of their own in the deep blue sea.


So, Jim made his house of seaweed…Seaweed House








Jim liked his house.  One day, Jim was surprised to hear a knock on his door. [insert shark puppet which is in storage but looks something like this….]


Little Fish, Little Fish,Let me in

and the Jim responded,

Not by the skin of my finny fin fin

to which the shark responded

then I’ll munch and I’ll crunch and I’ll smash your house in.

and he did.  Luckily Jim raced to Tim’s house.
Tim decide to make his home out of sand. He had good supply and his house looked something like this:










You won’t be surprised to learn that Shark came by and threatened Tim and his brother got out just and the shark threatened to crunch and munch this specatacular castle of sand.   Whew!  They swam to their sister Kim’s house.

Now Kim, she had style. She made her house out of an abandoned boat:


It’s something isn’t it?  And when Sharkie came by and threatened Kim and her brothers…

The big bad shark munched and he crunched but he could not smash the house in… and his teeth fell out!

That’s a terrible thing to happen to a shark…so they fed him some delicious seaweed.  (the seaweed is made with green yarn and felt and fed to the shark as he swims away…)

the end

how we did it:

Because of construction, I could only find one fish puppet.  This is how they look:


The houses are supported in back with posterboard, it helps to prevent floppiness.  The houses are held up with book ends…


The ship? DJ made it with a cardboard box, string, and sticks.  Bookends help support it as well.


To store the boat and houses, the string/sails can be lifted from the back and the ship folds nicely.

I work with very clever women, don’t I?







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