So, You Want to Write a Guest Post! Now What?

So, You Want to Write a Guest Post! Now What?

guest postFor its fourth anniversary, the March 6th Flannel Friday will be Guest Post Palooza — we’re asking Flannel Friday bloggers to open up their blogs and host a post by someone else.  If you’re reading this, it’s very likely that you’re about to write a guest post.

Now what?  I think if you follow these steps, you’ll have a successful post.  And  who knows, maybe you’ll start your own blog!

1. Write to your host.
Find out the timeline.  How long will it take her/him to upload the post to her blog? Is there anything they need from you? Blogs have formatting limitations and your host will want to make the blog look as good as possible.  An open discussion of what you want the post to look like and how much the blogger can do is the best way to make this work.

2. Plan out your text.
This is just like storytelling.  Like every good story time book, there is repetition.  Build on that. In my post My Red Umbrella by Robert Bright, I focus on the same repetitive line that runs throughout the story.  Honor the author in your post. Don’ t quote the whole book word for word, that feels like a copyright issue.  Instead, sum up the text as much as possible.

I try and find my storytime voice when writing a post. In Make a Pig, which is a very silly flannel, I did my best to convey silliness. Have fun with this.  It isn’t a paper, you won’t be graded (thankfully).

3. Take good pictures
Discuss this with your host.  How do they want you to mail the pictures?  Something’ else? Be clear which picture you want and where you want it attached to the text.

4. Formatting issues
Make sure your host knows what should be italicized, given quotes, bolded, underlined, or hyperlinked.  When adding a link, make sure you copy and paste the exact link you want. For example…if I were to write a blurb about how to find me I might say Sharon is on Twitter @ReadingChick [insert]

5. Search other blogs

  • Find your favorite storytime blog and see how they present their flannelboards.
  • Anne from So Tomorrow wrote a post on So You Want to Flannel Your Fridays Post
  • Look at your host’s blog and get to know how they FF.


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