Snowy Saturday Storytime with Miss Amanda

Snowy Saturday Storytime with Miss Amanda

Saturday Storytime 12.21.2013

For seven years I worked with a very talented young woman, Miss Amanda.  She’s amazing at storytime. Amanda got married and had a baby.  And chose to be a working mom. Until she didn’t and resigned from the library to be a stay at home mom.  Not one to waste her talent, she applied for a part time job at the Naperville Public Library, where they very wisely snapped her up.  She does storytime there.  Her kids are older now and her daughter asked her why she doesn’t do storytimes at their home library (the one I work at). She emailed me and asked if we would arrange for her to do a Saturday storytime. I, very wisely, said, “hey, let’s do one together!!”  I like to learn from the masters.

This is our storytime.  It was fun.  The process of putting it together was fun.  Watching how she’s grown in her craft was fun.  Doing it with her was fun. I don’t think we’ve lost our rhythm.
attendance: 44
Miss Mouse was wearing the Pigeon dress.
Miss Mouse: was hiding behind snow people.  Amanda interacted with Miss Mouse.  Again, it was good to see and learn from her.  She’s got a better relationship with the Mouse than I do.  Miss Mouse had an orange crayon.  Then she had a black crayon.  She told Amanda that she drew a picture with three circles and an orange carrot and could we guess what she drew?  Do you know?  Yes!!  a snowman.
Book 1: Winter Woes by Marty Kelley. Okay. this is a long book.  It’s a rhyme-y book, which I never do well with.  When she read it to me when we were planning, I kept reacting to the test with “oh my’s” and gasps and “oh no’s”.  We decided that because she can read it with a fast pace, I would react to the text.  It worked. I would never it do it by myself…this today it worked.
Fingerplay: Roll Roll Sugar Babies
Prop Story:  Elephant and Piggie: There is a bird on my head!  An Amanda original.  We did this years ago.  I’m piggie, she’s elephant. Elephant and Piggie
Prop Song: If It’s Snowy and You Know it, Clap your paws! by Kim Norman   I saw this book on the cart and was so excited.  Then I read the text. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great, it’s just not right for my storytime. The text is a story, in song.  I think it would get old in storytime because the audience can’t participate.  So, we changed it up.

If it’s snowy and you know it, clap your paws
If it’s snowy and you know it, clap your paws
If it’s snowy and you know it, roll a snowball and throw it.
If it’s snowy and you know it, clap your paws

In our planning, we brainstormed ideas and decided to use “winter-y” puppets. Clap your paws would be a polar bear. For “if it’s snowy and you know it flap your wings,” we used a barn owl.  For “give a howl, arooo” we used a wolf.  And “If it’s snowy and you know it, shake your antlers”, we used a moose puppet.  I give this one an A+.
Song: 1,2,3 Whee by Eric Litwin Great fun…but I’d never heard it before. Easy and great fun. I don’t know her source for this song.
Flannel 1: Snowbaby Could Not Sleep by Kara LaReau. This is a Naperville Library borrow.  It makes for a fun story.  There are lots of parts and doing it together made it easier.
Interactive Song: I didn’t know this one and now I want to learn it!!

When I was one I sucked my thumb
The day I went to sea
I jumped aboard a pirate’s ship
And the captain said to me:
“We’re going this way, that way, forwards, backwards,
and over the deep blue sea.

“When I was two, I tied my shoe”
“When I was three, I skinned my knew” (aw, man)
“When I was four, I said no more” .

Don’t forget the actions: Sucking thumbs, skinning knees, tying shoes, and no more, those are easy. Climb aboard the pirate ship: pretend you’re climbing over something. And you can salute the captain.
We stopped after four. I asked Amanda where she found this, she wasn’t sure,”it’s internalized.” I found the words online. I like her chorus, she amends it. Most of the other versions have the drinking a bottle of juice, etc.
Book: Nick Sharratt’s Big Book of Crazy Mix-ups by Nick Sharratt. If you click on the title link, you’ll see the Worldcat record. There aren’t a lot of libraries who own that book in the US (there’s one).  It must be Amanda’s own book.  She used to do these mix-up books a lot when she worked here and they never work for me.  I was interested in seeing what she did.  I’m sure you’re familiar with the format, each page is split and you mix-up different creations. Being Nick Sharratt, they’re very clever.  She had different children decide if she would turn the top page or the bottom page.  She took her time … that’s the secret. I always rush the process.
Book:And now for something completely different  Moo by David LaRochelle
Book:  speaking of cows…. Let’s sing a lullaby with the Brave Cowboy by Jan Thomas. Amanda had a great tune for the lullaby.
A great storytime. Miss Amanda, let’s do this again!!!  

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  1. This looks like so much fun! So many ideas I would love to steal, but most of all, now I’m wondering if I could email nearby storytimers and collaborate. Storytimers, assemble!

    Brytani, are you familiar with Flannel Friday! It’s a great online community for storytimers. (I like that name, btw.). When I get to a real keyboard (that isn’t my iPad), I’ll email you the link. Thanks for stopping by. I’m glad you liked our storytime! It was so much fun to do. SH 12/27

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