Shark Week Flannel Friday Round-up for 8.15.14

Shark Week Flannel Friday Round-up for 8.15.14

Welcome to Flannel Friday, Shark Week Edition.

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I hope you enjoy this little (and short) video we made at my library: 5 Little Goldfish Swimming in the Sea. The shark pencil holder came from Raymond Geddes and was one of our summer reading prizes and I kept thinking, we need to do something for Shark Week with these things.  We did.  I think the librarian who edited it, did an excellent job, don’t you?

Now for the round-up.

Speaking of new formats… Anne from So Tomorrow is sharing her recent Scratch project The Fish with the Deep Smile.  She’s going old school with two previously shared posts as well.  That Anne, always bringing new technologies into storytime.

Jbrary is sharing a Baby Shark song on their YouTube channel. I decided different formats were okay since this is all about the Shark!

Kathryn from Fun with Friends at Storytime shares Old Man Skipper Went to Sea. The shark reference here is loose, but we’re running with it!

Jane from Piper Loves Storytime admits that Piper doesn’t really love the sharks.  Any thing with scarier teeth wins.  Jane shares a Flannel Shark Attack.  Follow the link on her post to a previously shared flannel story.

Katie from Storytime Katie is sharing some shark finger puppets she made from flannel.  You should see them, they’re gorgeous.  She has the same rhyme Jane shared.

Kim from Destination Storytime shares Smiley Shark by Ruth Galloway.  Kim uses craft foam and shares the best way to use it as well.

There’s a Shark in the Park!  Oh no!!  Thrive after Three has developed a great way to way to share this delightful, and out of print book.  And…she extended the story.

B at A Librarian Less Ordinary (great blog title) has a rhyme 5 Little Fishes and other activities…some really cute celebrate Shark Week all week long!

Christine at Felt Board Ideas shared a song Slippery Fish along with hand movements.

Lisa from LibraryLand is sharing Red Fish Red Fish, What Do You See? which is adapted from Toddler Storytime II by Diane Briggs.

K Leigh is revisiting a post from last Shark Week, Watch Out Little Fish. Lots of good ideas here!

Linda of Notes from the Storytime Room always has the best extension activities…pulling draw and tells out of a hat. Well, she’s done it again.  This time Kevin’s Favorite Animal, an original story by Linda.

Lastly, we had several submissions of the same story… Thee Little Fishes and the Big Bad Shark.  Please make sure you visit each blog, they all have a different take on this great story…

  1. This is Library Lena’s first submission to Flannel Friday. I think she did a great job.
  2. Mel’s Desk developed a great way of telling this story for large groups.  Clever.
  3. Anne from Itsy Bitsy Mom made some beautiful flannel pieces.  Enjoy.
  4. …and finally my version. It’s a prop story my co-worker made.

Thank you to everyone who shared this week.  We are a talented little bunch, don’t you think?

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