Sam’s Sandwich

Sam’s Sandwich

I love picnics. I love sandwiches. I do not, however, love bugs. Sam’s Sandwich by David Pelham is a wonderful lift-the-flap book. It’s a bit small for story times. This flannel/prop story is from a former colleague. I learned more about storytelling from her than anyone I’ve ever worked with.

Samantha likes to eat. One Sunday she builds a sandwich to satiate her appetite … her brother Sam decides she needs extra protein.

It starts with a piece of bread. (Shhh, don't tell anyone, it's a piece of cardboard.)
Next some butter. (You can see that the words are on labels to help with prop/script issues)
Some lovely lettuce leaves. And a caterpillar.
Tomatoes are next. (Slug)
Next a big slice of cheese (ants). Then some frilly watercress. (3-d Fly)
Crispy, crunchy cucumbers (wriggly worm) are next.
A sunny side up egg (snail) make this a posh sandwich.
A slab o'meat (spider) and some red onions (tadpole).
I wouldn't pick ketchup to put on my sandwich, but Sam loves it. Also, a centipede.

I end with this:

Mmmm, anyone want a bite of this sandwich? You? What about you? No? I don’t blame you.

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5 Replies to “Sam’s Sandwich”

  1. This is simply one of the most fabulous flannels ever. Really. So simple and yet effective. Love it! I have to say that I like using the book because it’s so visually satisfying, but the bugs in the sandwich thing? Super creepy. The kids “eat it up” though.

  2. this is awesome… for some devilish reason, i feel like calling my brother and inviting him to a picnic. 🙂

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