Round Robin by Jack Kent

Round Robin by Jack Kent

In honor of the robin’s nest in my backyard with 4 blue eggs, I present the classic Round Robin by Jack Kent. This was made by my former co-worker Amanda. It has her touch and is lovingly true to the artist. I won’t duplicate the text because that seems like it is a violation of all kind’s of copyright law. Instead I’ll show you Amanda’s flannel pieces with a synopsis of the story.

Round Robin by Jack Kent

A baby robin is born. Boy is that a round head




Boy, is that a round robin!

Hippety, Hoppety, Boppety, BUMP. The robin walks south.
It snowed.
A fox happens by.
Without thinking ...
Round Robin flies! (It was all that walking.)


Friends! But he was hungry from all that flying ...
It's time to walk back north...


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  1. This is one of my favorite older stories! I think you captured the art perfectly and I love Round Robin’s expression in the last photo. It made me laugh so hard.

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