Pizza with Miss Mouse

Pizza with Miss Mouse

Our summer reading club this year was a homegrown program called Pizzeria Read.  It was my favorite SRC in 15 years and in the words of our new director, it was ” simply spectacular.”  High praise indeed.

Our final program for the year was a storytime called Pizza with Miss Mouse and the four full-time librarians presented it.  When we have story times like this, it’s fun to have the story time presenters do a big to-do. We take turns and team up with the stories.  On days like this, story time is book-free, we tell stories.  And in this case, all of the stories are homegrown.  We take classic stories that we are familiar with and re-work them.

Miss Mouse: was hiding behind pizzas.  There were lots of choices: cheese pizza, peppers, pepperoni, sausage pizza, and three different pepperoni pizzas.  (hint: she was behind the pepperoni pizza)
Miss Mouse:  greeted everyone and gave visual clues about what she wanted on her pizza (hint: cheese.  Just cheese. Lots and lots of cheesy visual aids)
Flannel: Make a pizza.  Have you seen our Make-a-pig flannel?  Well, the concept works for many, many things.  This time it was making pizza with cheese and olives and socks and baseballs and all kinds of good things.
Prop story 1:  Little Red Hen:  This is a homegrown story and was my favorite story of the day:  Traci wants to make a pizza and asks her three librarian colleagues for help. Who will help me make the dough?  The three of us, reading books, filing our nails, etc: Not I.  Then when the pizza starts to smell good, and we want in on the action, things change.  The story was filled with props and had  really good, fun feel to it.
Fingerplay: Pizza, Cheese Pizza.  You’ve heard of Peanut, Peanut Butter?  Well, we re-wrote it.
Prop story 2:  Hi Pizza Man! by Virginia Walter. We used our prop door (doesn’t everyone have a prop door?) and the many puppets had pizza boxes and fake mustaches.  Funny.  
Fingerplay:  Roll, Roll, Pizza Dough
Prop Story 3:  The Pizza Man.  Did you guess?  A homegrown version of The Gingerbread Man.  The ending: the pizza man had run away from all sorts of animals and a little old man and a little old woman, but when he got to the librarian, she put him on a “boat”… turns out the boat was a pizza tray and it was lunch time.
My Hands Say Thank you… 
then everyone had a lunch of cheese pizza and grapes.  

The End.

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