Pippa’s Penguins

Pippa’s Penguins

The origin of this story was a bit of a mystery for me. No books seemed to be available with this title. I dug a little deeper (flipped a few pages really) and discovered this story was found online.  Susan Dailey has a whole site filled with stories.  She requests the story not be reproduced online without permission (which I would never do).  I hope this is an acceptable way to present this story without breaking copyright rules (or storyteller etiquette).  If it is, I’ll remove it as soon as someone asks me to.  

In this Summer of Sizzle, I thought it would be okay to cool down a little bit and think about penguins.

Pippa and her Nana go to the zoo. Pippa really loves the penguins and on the way home, Nana suggests that she and Pippa create some penguins from things around the house.

These are the penguins Nana comes up with:


Pippa is frustrated by her nana’s creative interpretation of penguins. After each penguin, Pippa reminds Nana that penguins aren’t red, yellow, green, blue, brown like a monkey, and they certainly aren’t grey.  Penguins are black and white.


Nana thinks about it and comes up with her version of black and white penguins:

Penguins are Black and White!


















Note: the dots are labels that have been paper-punched.  Don’t I work with clever women?

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