Piggy Wiggy by Christyan Fox

Piggy Wiggy by Christyan Fox

Piggy Wiggy by Christyan Fox is a delight.  I’m not sure which of Christyan’s book this came from….

Piggy Wiggy is getting dressed, can you guess what he'll be?


He has red pants and a white shirt.
... and orange suspenders.

any ideas?

I love his crazy purple tie...


His lapel flower squirts water...

any guesses?

He's got a pointy blue hat....
look at those long green shoes!

hmmm, what could he be?

this red nose will probably give it away....


Did you guess?

Piggy Wiggy is dressed up like a clown!

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5 Replies to “Piggy Wiggy by Christyan Fox”

  1. Your details are fabulous!

    ~~thanks! This one was made by my colleague department head. She did a great job! –sh 10/28

  2. Uh, cutest pig EVER! I love his squirting lapel – sequins ftw! 😀 This is a great potential multitasker, too – and I love me some multitaskin’ flannel!

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