Owl Story Time 9.29.11

Owl Story Time 9.29.11

Pajama  Storytime

attendance:  15
Miss Mouse was wearing her jammies.  She’s was a little put off that we woke her up — but acknowledged that she knew about Pajama story time.  She wasn’t too happy we were doing a story time about owls.
Miss Mouse: was hiding behind the green leaf

It's a pretty book

fingerplay: The Owl (I found this online…)

There’s a wide eyed owl (thumbs and forefingers around eyes)
With a pointed nose (forefinger makes a v at end of nose)
Two pointed ears (forefingers extended up from head)
and claws for toes (Fingers and arms bent in front of chest)
when he sits up in the tree (point to tree)
and he looks at you (point at a child in the group)
he flaps his wings (fold arms into arm pits and flap)
And he says “whooo Whooo”.

Book 1: Cock-a-Doodle Hooooooo by Mick Manning (make sure you get all 7 o’s or Worldcat will never find it.)
Fingerplay: Roll Roll Sugar Babies
Book:  Wow! Said the Owl by Tom Hopgood
Song:I know a Chicken by Laurie Berkner
Prop Story 1:  Owl Babies by Martin Waddell  (I have three baby owl puppets, purchased for this very reason.)
Fingerplay: Clap . Clap Your Lap.
Prop Story 2:  I’m Not Cute by Jonathan Allen  (rabbit, fox, and squirrel owl joined mamma owl and baby owl)
Book 3:  Knock Knock Who’s There by Tad Hill (get it, Whooooo’s There?)
Book 4: Who’s in the Forest by Phillis Greshator. This is a beautiful board book. Fun too.

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