Monkey Face by Frank Asch

Monkey Face by Frank Asch

This is perhaps my favorite flannel story. It makes me happy. I know Cate posted her version last year. I thought I’d finally post it today in honor of Mother’s Day. This flannel has been at our library longer than I have (1997). Monkey Face by Frank Asch is long out of print, but as timely as it was back then. I add some embellishments when I tell Monkey’s story. It’s Story Teller’s Privilege, don’t you think?

One day at school, Monkey drew a picture of his mom:

Hi Mom!

On his way home way home, he showed the picture to his friend Owl. Owl thought that the eyes needed to be larger, so Monkey took out his paint brush and …

"Much Better", replied Owl.

Monkey runs into Rabbit who thinks the ears are sort of tiny. Monkey gets out his paint brushes and …

"Big Improvement," said Rabbit.


Next, Monkey runs into his friend Alligator. Alligator and Monkey are good friends and Alligator suggests that Monkey add to her mouth. Out comes Monkey’s paint brushes and …

"Beeeeeyoutiful!" said Alligator

Monkey walks on and runs into Elephant who thinks the picture’s nose is almost invisible. Paint brush in hand…

"Unforgettable," responds Elephant


Monkey couldn’t wait to show Lion his picture. Lion noted that Monkey forgot her “fluffy mane.” So…

"Most becoming," said Lion.

Monkey was almost home when he ran into Giraffe. Giraffe thought the picture was nearly perfect, except Monkey forgot her neck…

"Truly elevating," said Giraffe.


Monkey was close to being home. He was so happy when his Mom met him at the door. He told her all about his day and he showed her the picture he made for her. He waited for her response. (which I whisper when I tell the story…)

"I love it just the way it is!"


Can I get an amen?


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3 Replies to “Monkey Face by Frank Asch”

  1. Love the story! Love your pieces! I have flannelized two Frank Asch books. I wonder who our most flannelized author is?

  2. This is one of my favorite stories and I love your flannel version! I think you have inspired me to create my own (after Summer Reading, though).

    hooray!! I’m happy to hear it! It’s a classic! ~~SH

  3. Love it!!! I was picturing telling my storytime kids as I read it. That’s shows it’s a great flannel story!!

    Thanks Leah! Hope you can find a copy of the book! It’s priceless! ~~Sharon

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