Mommy! Saturday Story Time

Mommy! Saturday Story Time

Saturday Storytime for May 11, 2012

attendance:  34
Miss Mouse was wearing a yellow dress with flowers.She was making cupcakes for Mother’s Day
Miss Mouse: was hiding behind — too much to do this week.
fingerplay: Clap Clap your Lap
Song 1:  I’m a Little Tea Pot with 2 Little Blackbirds and since that wasn’t the song I wanted to start with I added Humpty Dumpty from the same CD
Book 1:  Mommies say Shh by Patricia Polacco
Fingerplay: Roll Roll Sugar Babies
Book: Just Like Mommy by Harriet Ziefert.   Nice and simple like most Ziefert books… it was the right book for this audience (on the younger side)
Song 3: Two For Tea by Jim Gill. I’d wanted to pair this with I’m a Little Teapot… oops. I heard his new CD for the first time yesterday and really wanted to try some songs today.
Flannelboard story: Monkey Face by Frank Asch
Song 4: Beethoven’s Five Finger Play — another new one. I love the beginning but it lasts a little long for me
Book: Stop Kissing Me by Ethan Long.  There is a little button that simulates a kissing sound.  It’s funny.
Song 5!!: M-O-M-M-Y.  Kay from Storytime ABC’s included this on her Flannel Friday post yesterday.  I loved it and came in early to make up cards for it.  It was fun.
Song 6: It Takes Some Friendsanother new Jim Gill song. It takes some clapping friends to make a clapping song… stomping friends, singing friends to make a happy song.
Book 7:  If You’re Happy and You Know It by David Carter

Titles I didn’t use but intended to:

  • Book:  Clothesline by Alborough
  • Book:  Is Your Mama a Llama? by Kellogg

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  1. Sounds like another awesome storytime!

    Thank you for including a link to my M-O-M-M-Y post. I would love to see a picture of your cards! :o)

    Also, Thank you for sharing the Jim Gill songs. I am looking up his new CD ~ right now!

    Hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day!
    Enjoy your week,

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