Make Some Noise Saturday Storytime 1.3.15

Make Some Noise Saturday Storytime 1.3.15

Saturday Storytime
attendance: 45
Miss Mouse was wearing her very pretty ribbon dress. She was still celebrating the New Year
Miss Mouse: was hiding behind party hats.
fingerplay: Clap, Clap Your Lap
Book 1: The Seals on the Bus by Lonny Hort
I was heckled. Instead of errping like a seal a first grader said over and over, “I’m too old for this. I’m too old for this.” It was true.  She was there because her little sister was there and her father was a sitting farther away not parenting either of them. As I was turning pages, I leaned in and suggested that maybe she should sit next to her dad.  It got better after that. 
Song: Humpty Dumpty by Old Town School of Folk Music, Wiggleworms
Prop story: Too Much Noise by Ann McGovern. Do you know this folk tale? Peter is tired of his house noises, so he consults a wise man who really confuses things.  I use puppets for the animals and instruments for the noise…the tea kettle noise=jingle bells.  Leaves on the roof=shaky eggs. bed creaked = tambourines. floor squeaked = clappers.  In the end it’s a cacophony of sound and everyone gets to participate.
song: Shake Your Sillies Out (Raffi the live version)
fingerplay: Roll Roll Sugar Babies
Book: If you’re happy and you know it by David Carter

Titles I didn’t use but intended to:

  • Flannel:Mona Mouse’s Party Dress
  • Book: Moo by David LaRohelle

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