Make-a-Jedi Flannel

Make-a-Jedi Flannel

I don’t get a lot of traffic on this blog.  It’s a vehicle to keep track of my storytimes, and I use this blog to share the amazing flannels that come out of the department where I’ve worked since January 1997.  Some of these flannels are mine, most of them aren’t.

This flannel is not mine.  It’s made by Miss Suzanne, a part-time librarian.  Someone on staff was getting ready for Star Wars Read Day (we made it a whole weekend) and wanted to have a flannel board for her storytime.  Suzanne made a “Make a Jedi.”  You’ve probably seen the Make a Pig on this blog.  It’s the number one post on my blog (other than round-ups).  This is the premise: get kids to help you build a thing.  “What comes next?” or “What else does a pig/snowman/gingerbread man/pirate need?”  It works for just about everything, and increases their expressive vocabulary. Also, it’s a hoot.  It’s also a good time waster.  Really, it’s the trifecta of flanneling: works for most things, it’s fun, and a time stretcher.

So, here we have a hero.

jedi 1Our hero needs some clothes:

jedi 2

Okay, wrong kind of hero.  Oh, well.  I have a robe.  Do Jedi heroes wear robes? I seem to remember that…

jedi 3

What? It’s the wrong sort of robe? Jedi’s don’t wear bathrobes.  Well, I have this…

jedi robe

This is good?  Whew!  Okay, what does else does a Jedi need?  Shoes! Yes, How about these shoes? (so, lots of options here….would be fun to do a few. I love the red clogs.)

jedi 5

Okay, we have a Jedi hero with a robe and brown boots.  Now, I think the Jedi needs a side sick.  (here are two options)

jedo 9

(The Ewok ends up in a basket). Okay, now the Jedi needs something… Hmmm, what happens to be missing?  Oh… right.


a Light Sabre!!

Something for the head!  I know… how about this choice? (here are three choices)

No? You’d like some hair?  Oh.  Got it.

jedi 11

Yep! This Jedi is a girl.

(And according to the librarian who did this program, no one questioned it!)

I think this is great and I’m happy to share my co-worker’s hard work. She did a great job, didn’t she?

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