Lunch by Denise Fleming

Lunch by Denise Fleming

Is it farmer’s market time in your area? Illinois corn is just coming in. We’re having our first ears of the summer tonight. And beets. I love this time of year for the fresh produce. Thinking about this made me think of Lunch by Denise Fleming. It’s such a simple, wonderful book which makes for a great flannel. The text of the book is simple and easy as well.

For this flannel, we use a Mouse finger puppet. His lunch starts with a turnip.

First he ate through a turnip. Munch-a munch-a munch-a

You might ask yourself, “what up with the slit in the turnip?” As Mousie eats the turnip, it slips onto the storyteller’s arm.

(You can see in this photo the file envelope we use to hold our flannel boards. It was a big project for our summer volunteers about 10 years ago… they transfered our flannel board files into these folders. It’s a great fit for us. )

Look at all those glorious veggies. It's like a farmer's market in here...

By the time Mouse has finally eaten his way through the watermelon (“um, excuse me while we crunch through the seeds”), he’s tired. Yawn, Mousie decides to take a nap until… dinnertime!!! Here are the veggies on my arm (it wasn’t easy taking a picture of my arm with my other hand… but here goes…)

Yawn, someone ate too much and is getting sleepy....

Anne shared her version of Lunch on her blog.

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  1. Love this! I seldom if ever use flannel boards but I love working with objects.
    There is a ridiculously complicated set of patterns for this in a book called “Books In Bloom”, but I think that I could come up with a set for this, even though I have ten dancing thumbs. Thanks!

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