Knock Knock House: A Not-Quite Flannel, Flannel Friday Post

Knock Knock House: A Not-Quite Flannel, Flannel Friday Post

It started out with a donation.  Someone purchased a toy from the local Build-a-Bear store. They wondered if we wanted the box.  Sure, we’d take it.  We didn’t know what to do with it, but we took it.
One day, sitting around the office table, someone brought up the box.  What should we do with it? Should we just throw it away?


You know how good ideas are born?  Someone innocently says something and, wham, great idea…  The cute little windows were brought up.  What about finger puppets?


Our programming librarian was finessing our baby and early walker story times, so she agreed to work on it–coloring the plain box and cutting a hole.  Thus was born the Knock Knock House.


What to do with the Knock-knock house? Good question.  It’s mostly used with the babies and toddlers.  It’s so important to keep story times moving with this age.  Toddlers are curious and love figuring out which window the finger puppet will pop in to.
There are lots of things you can do with the Knock Knock House.  It’s definitely an open-ended activity dependent only on your supply of finger puppets (we have a lot more than we used to). You could focus on animal sounds, beginning letter sounds, knock-knock jokes. The skies the limit…

 Confession: I’m terribly uncoordinated. Sometimes I need three hands to do things…so I’ve only used it a few times.   When I do, it’s animals sounds for sure.  

Here is Katie, our current programming librarian, demonstrating the Knock-knock house:

So, what would you do with your Knock-Knock House?

Update: Check out this post by Anna. It has a great rhyme that would be perfect with the Knock Knock House!

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  1. It’s time for a Knock-Knock house in my branch! How did I live without one! This is great with the little ones. Love it!

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