Kangaroos Saturday Storytime 2.18.2012

Kangaroos Saturday Storytime 2.18.2012

Saturday Storytime
attendance:  54 there were all sorts of ages from babies to toddlers with lots of preschoolers.  There were far more dads than moms today.  I’d say about 75% of the parental units were dads.  I like that about Saturday story times.

Miss Mouse Hides Inside of Pockets

Miss Mouse was wearing her red and black dress.  She showed us the large ♥ box of chocolates. Empty.
Miss Mouse: was hiding behind in pockets.  This was cute! I’d never used them before and all the elements inside the pockets (save Miss Mouse) were items that start with the letter P: pickles, pjs, popcorn, etc.  Who puts a pickle in a pocket?  Pickle, pigs, pjs and popcorn all start with P!!  Oh, and pizza too!
fingerplay: Clap. Clap your lap.
Book 1: Pouch by David Ezra Stein.  I like this story. I had to fill in a few words to make it work as a read-aloud, but a great book. We hopped along in our seat every time Pouch hopped.
Fingerplay: Roll, Roll, Sugar Babies
Prop Story: Joey by Jack Kent.  This is a lap story that a friend made for me years ago.  Joey’s mom’s pouch expands as his friends show up.  It’s great.
Song: Jack Be Nimble.  Jumping seemed the only thing to do for this story time.  (I still don’t have a source for this song…)
Prop Story 2:  McGillycuddy Could by Pamela Duncan Edwards  McGillycuddy visits the farm and learns his talents for running, jumping, hopping, and boxing aren’t as grand as laying eggs, growing wool, making milk… or is it?  I have all the puppets for this, so I turned it into a prop story.  (Isn’t it funny how I turn every story time into a farm animal extravaganza?)
Fingerplay: Hickory Dickory Dock
Flannel Story: Katy No Pocket by Emmy Payne
Fingerplay: Fee Fie Fo Fum
Book: Boing by Nick Bruel.  This one doesn’t have a lot of words so I did some explaining.  Cute.  If my audience were filled with lots of young kids it wouldn’t have worked…
Finger story: Miss Cat and Mr. Dog
Book: If you’re Happy and You know it by David Carter.

This was such a fun story time.  It was different and filled with things we hadn’t done in a long time!  

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