Jenny’s Socks by Carol Murray

Jenny’s Socks by Carol Murray

This one I actually made… Jenny’s Socks is a Rookie Reader. I find easy readers to make wonderful flannel boards.

This is Jenny.

This is Jenny.
She Loves Socks.
She has so many socks they fit in this box.

Jenny has many kinds of socks:

Green, Blue and white;
Loose or tight:
short or long;
Stars, bears.
Many many socks.

The actual text has lots of good rhymes. Look it up. To make Jenny, I photocopied her from the book. I made a big white flannel version of Jenny. Then I took the photocopied picture and cut out each element of her on to different bits of flannel. I found that stapling or taping the paper on to the flannel helps secure it in place. Then I craft glued the pieces to the white flannel Jenny. I think she resembles the artist’s original.

The socks were fun to make using clip art socks and bits and pieces and my imagination.

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  1. There are so many good stories with socks! And I’ve seen this book before — your flannel Jenny definitely looks like Jenny from the book.

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