Halloween Light Saturday Storytime 10.25.14

Halloween Light Saturday Storytime 10.25.14

Saturday Storytime: We have our official Halloween storytimes on Monday and Tuesday.  I gathered material they weren’t using those days and added some other non-Halloween things as well.
attendance: 55
Miss Mouse was wearing her SuperMouse outfit.
Miss Mouse: was hiding behind Well, it was cats, but Miss Mouse doesn’t hide behind cats.  She left a note and was in her basket.
fingerplay:Hickory Dickory Dock
Book 1: Ten Orange Pumpkins by Steven Savage It was very fun tracking the cat!
Fingerplay: Roll Roll Sugar Babies.  We Meow, Meow, Meowed like a cat.
Song: I’m a Little Teapot/Two Little Blackbirds by Wiggleworms
Book: In a Dark Dark Wood an old tale with a new twist by David Carter.
speaking of boo… Fingerplay:   See my big and scary eyes.
Song 2: Knuckles Knees by Jim Gill
Flannel: Kitty Face. This is a homegrown story based on Monkey Face.  Kitty draws a picture of her dad at school. Her pirate, vampire, witch, Wolfman, and Bat friends help her fix it. If you know me, you know I love Monkey Face. This was a great one. And everyone was mesmerized by it.  

Book: What Am I? Halloween by Anne-Margaret Lewis. This was sort of easy, so I read the clues without showing the pictures.
Story Cards: Boo? Boo Who? Homemade.  Ghost shapes, can you guess who the ghost is?  The last card is the ghost of Miss Mouse.
Book: It wouldn’t be Saturday Storytime if we didn’t end with If you’re Happy and You know it by David Carter

Titles I didn’t use but intended to:

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