Groundhog’s Day and other letter G things

Groundhog’s Day and other letter G things

Early Storytime
attendance:  22

Letter of the Day: G
Miss Mouse: was hiding behind letter Gs…other g things were hiding too
What is hiding in the sock? guitar
Miss Mouse: She wanted to know what words starting with g describe today: gloomy and gray.
Book 1: Where is the Green Sheep by Mem Fox
Fingerplay: Clap, Clap your Lap
Puppet song:  The Three Billy Goats Gruff by Greg and Steve
Song 1: Knuckles Knees by Jim Gill.  They’re getting better and better at this each week.
Prop story: Substitute Groundhog by Pat Miller
Song2: Goldfish Song by Laurie Berkner
Let’s talk about the Letter G:  Gloomy and glad are the words I came up with.  Also, we had grapes, and green and go.
Craft: G is for Goat


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