An alphabetical list of the flannel stories found on this blog:

All for Pie, Pie for All by David Martin 

Baa-Choo by Sarah Weeks

Boom Boom Aint in Great to Be Crazy (a traditional song)

Christmas Tree, Christmas Tree What do you see

Cock-a-Doodle Quack Quack by Ivor Daddiel

Counting Duckies by Elliot Kreloff

An Elephant Never Forgets by Kristin Collier Bennett

Five Circus Elephants

Five Little Apples

Flip Flap Jack (traditional song)

How Many Feet in the Bed? by Diane Johnston Hamm

Jenny’s Socks by Carol Murray

The Knock-Knock House

List of Dances by Jim Gill

Lunch by Denise Fleming

Make a Jack-O-Lantern

Make a Jedi

Make a Pig

Magic Envelope

Monkey Face by Frank Asch

Mouse and the Apple by Stephen Butler

Mrs. McMurphy’s Pumpkin by Rick Walton

Must Be Santa (a song)

My Froggy Valentine by Matt Novak

My Red Umbrella by Robert Bright

Pippa’s Penguins by Susan Dailey’s website

Mrs. Pirate by Nick Sharratt

Piggy Wiggy by Christyan Fox

Round Robin by Jack Kent

Sam’s Sandwich by David Pelham

The Singing Chick by Victoria Stenmark

Ten Hungry Rabbits by Anita Lobel

What Will it Rain by Jane Moncure

Ten Little Hot Dogs by John Himmelman

Three Little Fish and the Big Bad Shark by Ken Geist (prop story)

Ugly Fish by Kara Lareau