Flannel Friday Round-Up for September 30, 2011

Flannel Friday Round-Up for September 30, 2011

Hi. I’m hosting this week’s Flannel Friday Round-up — all Flannel Boards, All the Time.  It’s a special 6-month anniversary edition of Flannel Friday Round-up filled with lots and lots of social networking opportunities.

Flannel Friday has become my favorite blog-related activity. I find myself thinking more about flannel boards and how I use them in story time these last 24 or so weeks.  It’s really helped me professionally.  Thank you all for sharing your talents!

Now on to the Social Media stuff:

1.  Pinterest, Custom Searching, and Blog Bling:  Melissa From Mel’s Desk created this beautiful button for you to proudly display on your blog. (Once you have the code embedded on your blog, the button will link to the Flannel Friday Pinterest pages.)

Isn't it pretty? This image will lead you to Mel's page to get the code...

Since it’s been six months of Flannel Friday, you may have a hard time keeping all these great flannel ideas straight. The Pinterest board is a great, but Miss Melissa has a Custom Google search: Searching the Sources which is hugely helpful!  (I used it yesterday!)

2.  Participating.  If you want to learn more about Flannel Friday and how to participate, Anne is the keeper of dates and what-to-dos.

3.  Facebook.  Now Flannel Friday is on Facebook!  Find it here!  By the way, there are a lot of Flannel Friday groups on Facebook.  This group isn’t so much about plaid shirts …

This week’s Non-Flannel Contributions:

Sometimes story time materials aren’t made with flannel.  Props and puppets are a great tool to use in story time.

Anna from Future Librarian Superhero

Old Macdonald Prop

Tracey from 1234 More Storytimes

Bear Went Over the Mountain

This week’s Flannel Friday Contributions:

Cate from Storytiming

Whose Footprints are Those

Erin from Falling Flannelboards

I Spy Forest Animals

Katie from Storytime Katie


Katie from  Storytime Secrets


Library Quine from Loons and Quines @ LibraryTime

Pete the Cat  – I spent too long making these! (a sentiment I can relate to)

Mollie from  What Happens in Storytime


Sarah from Miss Sarah Storytime

Five Snowmen

Seth from The Voices Inside My Headphones

Five Little piggies

Flannel Boards that Tell Stories:

Allison from Miss Allison is Blogging

When Goldilocks Went to the House of Bears

Andrea from Roving Fiddlehead

Too Much Noise

Anne from So Tomorrow

The Rat’s Daughter

Linda from Notes from the Story Room

Old woman who lived in a vinegar bottle

Mary from Miss Mary Liberry

The Bossy Gallito/El Gallo De Bodas

Nicole from Narrating Tales of Preschool Storytime

I Dream of an Elephant

…. I’m Sharon this is my blog

Apple-y Delicious Redux

If I missed you, please leave a comment and I’ll make sure it’s listed. Thanks.  Have a great weekend!



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4 Replies to “Flannel Friday Round-Up for September 30, 2011”

  1. Hi Sharon, thanks for your comment on my blog – your converse suggestion made me laugh out loud – just exactly what I needed!! Thanks for doing a great job this week (and for not chastising me for being so late).

    I’m glad you laughed, that was my intent. I’m glad you were able to participate this week. There were lots of us! ~sharon

  2. Hey Sharon, thanks for handling this super big roundup and reminding everyone about the Storytime search box!

    My pleasure. I enjoy doing round-ups. The formatting geek in me gets all happy. I was thinking maybe we (and by we I mean you and Anne) could change how round-ups are done. My idea (which is just a start in the brainstorming): each week there is a Round-up Team… one person doing round-up and one person doing the pinterest posting. Any thoughts? ~ Sharon

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