Flannel Friday Round-Up for May 27th

Flannel Friday Round-Up for May 27th

Welcome to the Flannel Friday Round-Up.  Today’s Flannel Friday seems to focus on the great outdoors!

Anna from Future Librarian Superhero crafted by hand her prop story and it’s wonderful. I’m partial to prop stories and I’m glad someone opened up that door!  Today Anna tackled that slithery, sneaky snake in

Mouse Count


MM from Lit Chat for Kids is making her Flannel Friday debut.   Welcome her (and all the newbies)!  She’s asking for ideas for

Songs in Storytime


Ingrid from Magpie Librarian is making her Flannel Friday debut.  Ingrid provided story time tips for getting the word out to parents about good literacy practices.  I like her title:

Getting Didactic With It: Not-So Subliminal Messages for Parents and Caregivers in the Library


Melissa from Mel’s Desk has a cute little ditty about summer clothes.  As always, Melissa is sharing her patterns with you — Flannel Friday is nothing if not generous with ideas and Melissa is the model for that!

Summer Clothes

If you’re going to the pool, wear a suit to keep you cool…   Genius.


Mary K. from Miss Mary Liberry likes conversational flannel boards — I do too.  I’m lousy with memorizing, but holding a conversation?

Where Does This Go?


Chicka Chicka Mollie K. from Miss Mollie’s Storytime Fun is climbing up the coconut tree.  Clever Mollie figured out a way to do cut out all 52 letters!  What did we do without diecuts?

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom


Andrea F. from Roving Fiddle Head presents two activities.  One comes from Plum Pudding and is flannel boards to go.  Andrea created the next one, and she presents tips on finding clip-art. I love the paper she chose.

Little Mouse


Anne at So Tomorrow also presented two things today.  (How are these librarians doing it?  With summer coming I don’t know if I can contribute 1 a week, let alone 2!!)  Anne says this first activity was inspired by someone from a previous Flannel Friday.

Fifteen Animals by Sandra Boynton


Dog’s Colorful Day


Katie from Storytime Katie presented some bugs from the Great Outdoors.  This too was inspired by a previous Flannel Friday.

Pretty Ladybugs


Katie from Storytime Secrets is a world traveler this summer.  She’s hitting all

Seven Continents on our Globe


Cate from Storytiming is making her Flannel Friday debut as well.  Cate’s rhyme reminds me of one of my favorite flannel board stories (Scat the Cat)… except hers is a…

Mitch the Fish


Thank you for your interest in Flannel Friday. I hope you’ll consider being a part of Flannel Friday in the future.  Having a blog is pretty easy.  A story time blog is a wonderful way to keep track of your individual story times as well as showcase and network with other libriarians.  Please consider being a part of it. If you have any questions, please contact anyone listed on this round-up. I’m sure they’d be happy to answer them.

I’m Sharon and you can find my

Make – a – Pig

on this very blog.

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4 Replies to “Flannel Friday Round-Up for May 27th”

  1. Anne: We have scads of flannel boards, what I should have made clear was that the blogging of flannel boards sucks my time. I’m slightly older (cough +15 years cough) than you and there is still a learn curve for me on getting all the formating done correctly. Especially this summer, unless I can find time at home to do it, Flannel Friday will be once a month because I just don’t have the blogging time…

  2. I am really liking having different people do the round-ups. It is adding flavor. And fun to visit different blogs.

    I am going to confess that I have a LOT of help with flannelboards. Some of mine are made by pages (especially ones I haven’t posted yet) and I do have a ton in my files. I like to make them. Especially a few years ago when I was starting out, I spent a TON of time making them on the desk (which is where I spend almost all my time). It seems to be a good project for me to work on there because I can drop it easily and come back later.

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