Flannel Friday Round-up for July 22nd

Flannel Friday Round-up for July 22nd

It’s my turn to host the round-up for Flannel Friday.  If you’re unfamiliar with Flannel Friday, you can learn more about it on Anne’s blog.  There is a loose theme of Summertime this week … if you try really hard you’ll find it…

Andrea from rovingfiddlehead kidlit has DIY on her mind.  She’s sharing Toolboxes and the Missing Hammer.
You can find Andrea on Twitter @aflemming

Love is in the air as Anne from So Tomorrow shares The Big Hearted Elephant to honor the wedding she’s attending this weekend.
You can find Anne on Twitter @SoTomorrow

Bridget from What’s Bridget Reading has Five Little Pigs/Clean and Dirty Pigs.
You can find Bridget on Twitter @BridgetRWilson

Cate from Storytiming has an adorable looking Fox with Cold Feet an out of print book.
Cate can be found on Twitter @CatetheLibrarian

Linda from Notes from the Story Room has an article on using Memory Game in library programs.
Linda isn’t on Twitter, which goes to show you that you too can participate with Flannel Friday!

Melissa from Mel’s Desk shares how everyone’s favorite insect, Ladybugs, can be used in story time.
You can follow Meliss on Twitter @MelissaZD

Mary from Miss Mary Liberry has a story time crowd management solution.  Don’t know which color to pick, have the Color Spinner decide for you.
You can follow Mary on Twitter @DaisyCakes

Tracey from 1234 More Storytimes wonders Doggy Doggy Who Has Your Bone?  If it was my house the answer would be Ava-roo, but that’s another discussion.
You can follow Tracey on  @tcy28

…and I’m Sharon.  You can find my post Lunch by Denise Fleming on this blog.
You can follow me on Twitter @ReadingChick

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