Dream Big — Read! A Flannel Friday Extravaganza Roundup!

Dream Big — Read! A Flannel Friday Extravaganza Roundup!

Welcome to the Summer Reading club Round-up. Some people this week presented stories for the CLSP theme, Dream Big — Read. Whether or not you are participating in this year’s theme, check these posts out. We have some very talented people participating in Flannel Friday!


Not everyone is doing the CLSP theme. Some libraries are doing themes on their own and some are doing the Illinois Library Association’s Theme: Reading is So Delicious. As a former IREAD chair, I’d like to take this time to tell you what a great program this is. I know next year’s theme, Have Book Will Travel, is being illustrated (in part) by Anna Dewdney

Okay, enough commercials. On to the Roundup…

Stories, Songs, and Flannels for the Dream Big — Read theme:

Shawn from Read Rhyme and Sing

Five different flannel stories in one post!


Linda from Notes from the Story Room

The Little Breeze


Andrea our Roving Fiddlehead Kid Lit

Nocturne Animals


Lucy from In the Children’s Room

Five Astronauts at Play


Angela at Valley Storytime

The Bear’s Pajamas


Katie at StorytimeSecrets

Several Thingsfor Dream Big Read


Sarah at Read it Again

Not Very Flannely idea for Dream Big — Read


Lisa from Libraryland

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Katie from Recipe for Reading
has a whole list of Brainstorming for SRC — there’s lots of excellent ideas here!

Anne at So Tomorrow
Little Moon

Kay Leigh from Storytime ABC’s presents
a post filled with ideas
I’m Sharon and this is my blog. My contribution this week is an encore of a post from a few months ago.

How Many Feet in the Bed? by Diane Johnston Hamm


Other things presented this week:

Meghan from Busy Crafting Mom

Wind Rain and Clouds storytime


Courtney from Miss Courtney Meets Bobo

Five Little Froggies


Maureen at StrongStart

A Bunny Called Nat


Cate from Storytiming has two!

Feltboard App for Andriod!!  and Popsicle by Jodi Koplin


The Library Lady From Story Time with the Library Lady presents

A “Foam Friday” Eggcellent


Two (2!) entries based on Raffi songs:

Fussy Hean from Fussy Hen at the Library
Pigs Wanna Fly


Kari Ann from My Storytime Life

Little White Duck
Since Kari Ann has her comments turned off this is my chance to tell Kari Ann that I like her blog and her contributions to Flannel Friday!!!

Flannel Friday details:

Erin from Falling Flannelboards has the round-up for April 6

Anne from So Tomorrow is the keeper of the details… She’s looking for people to host Flannel Friday Round-ups. Will it be you? You can find her contact info on the blog!
Melissa from Mel’s Desk originated Flannel Friday, has the Flannel Friday bling to grab, and has a custom Google search for all things story time!

Thanks for dropping by…

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  1. Great job Sharon! Thanks for volunteering.

    BTW, we are looking for some FF hosts in late April and all of May. If you’re interested (and this invitation is for everyone, not just Sharon!), drop me a line on Twitter (@sotomorrow) or email me (anne@sotomorrowblog.com).

  2. Hello Reading chick! Please give me some tips on turning on my comments. Thanks! Kari Ann. p.s. I am comment shy. And thanks for the support!

    I’ll email you, Kari Ann!! ~SH< -I>

  3. I’m not sure why, but I am not able to link to any of the posts. Can anyone help me?

    Gosh, I’m not sure. Are you clicking on the second line and not the title of the blog? ~SH

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