Don’t Let the Pigeon Use My Sewing Machine

Don’t Let the Pigeon Use My Sewing Machine

We have the Pigeon app on the library’s iPads.  It’s an electronic madlib and I always finish the phrase “Don’t Let the Pigeon”  with “Use My Sewing Machine.”  It’s funny.  At least to me.

Have you noticed how busy that clever, fast talking pigeon has been?  He has his own fabric line.  A lot of children’s book illustrators have fabric made from their illustrations.  Most of it doesn’t appeal to me.  But the Pigeon fabric from Cloud9 Fabrics… pure love.  ♥  As soon as I saw it I knew that we’d have to make a dress for Miss Mouse.

I waited and waited and finally purchased a 1/2 yard of the Frenzied pattern.  We also bought one panel of the project panel.  I brought my sewing machine to the library and let my co-worker have at it.  She’s the talent that created the pattern for the dress…I knew I could follow her pattern and make a pretty dress, or I could let her design something special.  She did.  photo (29)

Miss S took the border from the projects panel and made a wide ruffle.  I love that she left the black edge.  It looks really great, doesn’t it?  I’m advocating for a stuffed Pigeon fascinator hat.  I think it would make the outfit, don’t you?

Then, I decided to try my hand at a Vine video. Vine videos are the latest Twitter-based social media. Stop motion videos.  It’s not an awarding winning Vine…try not to be underwhelmed.

Great Job, Miss S…this dress is a work of art!!

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