Cows and the Letter C: Our First Early Literacy Storytime

Cows and the Letter C: Our First Early Literacy Storytime

Early Literacy Storytime
attendance: 23 (12 kids + 11 adults)

Letter of the Day: C
Miss Mouse: was hiding behind Cows
What is hiding in the sock? A car (we have objects we’re hiding in a sock.  Before story time starts, we have kids feel the object without telling us what they think it is.  This is the time we talk about the different things in the sock.  Everyone pretty much knew it was the car.)
fingerplay: Clap, clap your lap.
Book 1:  The Cow That Laid an Egg by Andy There’s a lot of goodness in this book.  First, it’s silly, which is paramount.  There are delicious phrases in it too: pleased as punch and other goodness.  Also, great for predicting and asking questions.
Fingerplay: Roll Roll Sugar Babies… also, we moo moo moo-moo-moo’d our way through it!
Book: A Birthday for Cow by Jan Thomas
Song : Drivin in My Car by Ralph Covert.
Book:  Wow, It’s a Cow! by Trudy Harris
Lucy Maud’s Favorite Word: Caterpillar. (We placed the word on the flannel board) Then she asked the kids what their favorite C word was.  The consensus: cupcake
The Alpha Boogie: You put your C up, you put your C down, you put your C in the middle and you shake it all around ….
Craft: We made a simple paper cow

My evaluation:

I’d give us a C+(pun intended).   I think it was a good first effort.  There are a few things I’d like to coordinate better.  But as a first attempt, it was pretty good.

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2 Replies to “Cows and the Letter C: Our First Early Literacy Storytime”

  1. Hi Elizabeth: sort of. Our normal storytimes are about the literature and not focusing on early literacy. We took the materials in our open storytimes and weaved more early literacy concepts in. The theme this week was Cows, so we went with C.

    It’s an experiment and we’re learning as we go. Hope that makes sense. And, I’ll try and get a picture of the craft. It was pretty simple.

  2. Was this your first storytime you did based around a letter of the alphabet?
    Sorry I’m a little confused on this, as that would mean you started with C instead of A.
    Would love more info on the Fingerplays and craft – these are great ideas! ^_^

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