Counting Duckies

Counting Duckies

It’s bathtime storytime this week and when I saw 10 Rubber Duckies I knew I wanted to make a flannel out of it, but ten is so many and I just didn’t have an inspiriation. When another rubber duckie book came in from ILL, I discovered that Winburn’s duckie photographs were incorporated into a board book called Counting Duckies.

I really wanted to do something with the duckies in the tub concept… so I foraged through the paper closet initially looking for the vinyl that was used for Ugly Fish. I couldn’t find the vinyl, but found a much better material. has this wonderful gossamer they sell for party planning. We use it for summer reading club decorating. This would be perfect material!

Since I was using a very flimsy fabric, I brought the gossamer home to use on my sewing machine. It turns out I do a much better job on flannel boards with a sewing machine. Glue and I aren’t that friendly, I guess.

I started out by making a pocket for the duckies to sit in: I sewed a top seam then created the pocket.

I made two rows and reinforced the ends. Next, I cut out an oval of white felt. I didn’t have a template, just some newspaper to test my oval-cutting skills. It took one or two tries til I found the just-right oval. I sewed the the gossamer onto the felt.

Adding the trim and faucet was next. I sort of eyeballed the faucet. For the faucet knobs, I made a template and cut out two. These I glued.

faucet, knobs and trim...

Done. When I got to work I think it took more time looking for duckie images than it took me to sew the bathtub together. Sigh. Time consuming activities like this make me not want to tackle new flannel stories. Finally, I realized we had an Accucut die of a rubber duckie. Add an orange beak and viola, a rubber duckie. To finish it, I added numbers, laminated the ducks, and added googlie eyes. Some velcro-like material on the back and my ducks were sitting on a tub!

All my ducks in a row
How many duckies swimming in the tub?

Update 1: My husband thought it looked like a swimming pool. Harsh. But someone else said, “it looks like a swimming pool.” Which got me thinking: does it look like a swimming pool? Maybe. Maybe.

So, I took out the white felt and made some circles….

Soap Bubbles ... much more like a bathtub
Now my ducks are in a row in a bathtub filled with bubbles!

Update 2: I did this is story time on Monday and I will say the tub was a bit on the heavy side. I think we’ll probably end up using book tape to hold it up. That, and definitely tweak the poem (it’s a little lame).

Miss Mary Library has the Flannel Friday round up for September 23rd.

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  1. Just beautiful! I’m so impressed when people sew their flannels. I wish I had the skills but remain too lazy/afraid to commit to improving my sewing once and for all. Too easily frustrated with it. :/

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