Clap Your Lap

I do everything 4 x — get your groove going (one two three four and one two three four and)… ready?

Clap. (clap 4 times )
clap your Lap. (3 times)
Give a tiny Gap . (finger clap)
Now a thunder Clap. (big ouchy clapping)
take a little Nap.
Zap (wake up).
Let’s do that again, this time zap with me.

This is one of the first storytime activities I learned as a new librarian. I loved that the word families were the action.  Now, with our attempt at Early Literacy story times, I thought I’d vamp up the rhyming part.

My first attempt had felt-backed poster board.  Fail.  To paraphrase Mr. Dumpty’s demise: they all fell down.

A co-worker suggested magnets.  I applied magnet tape to the back, tested them… they stayed up! Score.  Took it down, and the tape stayed up:




A wee bit of book tape and it’s all good.  If the general public knew how wonderful book tape was, would it be more or less expensive?


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4 thoughts on “Clap Your Lap

  1. Thanks for sharing the things that don’t work as well as your solution. The public has no idea of Book Tape or how hard we try to make it work! This is a great post ~ jane

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