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Flannel Friday for March 31, 2017

Flannel Friday for March 31, 2017

Hello Flannel Friday.  Consider this your placeholder for Flannel Friday for 3.31.2017.

I’ve been away from this blog for a while and sweated it out a little bit this week getting this blog updated.  Whew  I’m still working on adding media. For whatever reason, I’m getting errors.

Please add the link to your post in the comments  Comments have to be approved by me before they’re viewed so if you don’t see it right away, don’t panic.

Also, it’s Spring Break this week and we have lots of programming, I expect to have things done by Midnight Chicago time…. Fingers crossed.

Thanks for participating in the Roundup this week!


Shark Week Flannel Friday Round-up for 8.15.14

Shark Week Flannel Friday Round-up for 8.15.14

Welcome to Flannel Friday, Shark Week Edition.

FF shark week little


I hope you enjoy this little (and short) video we made at my library: 5 Little Goldfish Swimming in the Sea. The shark pencil holder came from Raymond Geddes and was one of our summer reading prizes and I kept thinking, we need to do something for Shark Week with these things.  We did.  I think the librarian who edited it, did an excellent job, don’t you?

Now for the round-up.

Speaking of new formats… Anne from So Tomorrow is sharing her recent Scratch project The Fish with the Deep Smile.  She’s going old school with two previously shared posts as well.  That Anne, always bringing new technologies into storytime.

Jbrary is sharing a Baby Shark song on their YouTube channel. I decided different formats were okay since this is all about the Shark!

Kathryn from Fun with Friends at Storytime shares Old Man Skipper Went to Sea. The shark reference here is loose, but we’re running with it!

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What Flannel Friday Means to Me: the Round-up

What Flannel Friday Means to Me: the Round-up


 Welcome to the round-up!

Next week we celebrate the second anniversary of Flannel Friday.  How are we celebrating?  By doing what Flannel Friday does best: this will be a regular “share your stuff” week.

However, in preparation of turning two, this week we are exploring “What Flannel Friday means” to each of you.  If you don’t  have a blog and want to share some love: you can do so in the comments below.

Regular Flannel Friday Posts:

Cate from Storytiming presents Feed the Cookie Monster.

Jane from Piper loves the Library has two posts today.  She’s putting the No is Snow (where it belongs in my opinion) with sNOw! sNOw! sNOw!

Katherine at Fun with Friends at Storytime is bringing us the sun with Here Comes the Sun…Flower.  A welcome theme after this long winter.

Kay at Storytime ABCs is Celebrating Dr. Seuss this week.

Lena from SixCranberries is celebrating Flannel Friday with Love is in the Air.  Lena is one of our international bloggers, she’s from Canada.  She’s getting married soon and wanted to share the joy with some chickadees.  Good luck!

Lisa from Libraryland is presenting Little Cloud by Eric Carle.  Stick around because Lisa has  second post in the next segment…

Mollie from What Happens in Storytime has dual posts this week as well. She’s sharing  Blue Bird Blue Bird.  Personally, I love all things bird and find this simple and cute.

Mrs. Shaia at Thrive after Three has a post that was inspired by a So Tomorrow post: Arthur’s Nose

Sarah at Read Rabbit Read is sharing Five Giant Pumpkins.  Stay tuned for her second post…

Special posts exploring the role of Flannel Friday in our lives (aka What Flannel Friday Means to Me)

See if you can catch the theme:

Amanda explains her relationship with Flannel Friday with a guest post on So Tomorrow’s blog.

Amy at catch the possibilities  explores what Friendship means.

Anna at Future Librarian Superhero shares her journey developing a PLN (new term for me).

Anne at So Tomorrow has something to say about Flannel Friday

Bridget at What is Bridget Reading gives us her Flannel Friday history.

Jane at Piper Love’s the Library talks to her diary of her love of FF.

Jen from Jen in the Library is one of our newest bloggers and sums FF up nicely.

Kendra at Read Sing Play explains her Flannel Friday journey and she has pictures!

Katie at Story Time Secrets is inspired by Flannel Friday…

Linda at Notes from the Story Room gave us a visual explanation and renewed her FF history.  It has a kitty.

Lisa at Libraryland shares her thoughts on Flannel Friday.’

LQ, our intrepid Scottish FFer, at Loons and Quines, has a wonderful visual represetation of Flannel Friday (think Wordle)!

Mary from Miss Mary Liberry has decided Flannel Friday means a whole Freakin lot to her….

Melissa at Mel’s Desk discovers what it means to find a hometown.

Mollie in What Happens in Storyime didn’t really have a blog until Melissa challenged others to join in the FF fun!

Sarah at Miss Sarah Storytime has an Ode to Flannel that cannot be missed!

Sarah at Read Rabbit Read has something to say about Flannel Friday….

Tracey from 1234 More Storytimes is letting the F words fly!

I’m Sharon and this is my blog.  I explain what I mean about Invisible Friends.

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Flannel Friday Round-up for September 21, 2012

Flannel Friday Round-up for September 21, 2012

Hi.Welcome to this week’s round-up!

In some form of alphabetical order:

Amanda from Trails and Tales has Butterflies.

Amy from Catch the Possibilities has Ten Apples Up on Top.  No, really, she has ten apples.  And it’s a riot!

Anne from So Tomorrow seems to have redone her blog since I last visited. She’s also re-made an old friend: Two Little Bluebirds.

Cate from Storytiming has a great new use for those shaky eggs with Who Gathered Eggs from the Chicken Coop?  She’s got me thinking…

Danielle with Stories with Library Danielle has a Pirates Storytime.

Jane from Piper Loves the Library (I love that dog’s face) is presenting This Old Man (“he played one, he played knick knack on my bone drum…”).  I love traditional songs and need to use them more in my story times.

Jennie from Library Noise is presenting her first Flannel Friday post.  Welcome.  This is a great community, and I think you’ll love being a part of it.  For Jennie’s first offering we have: Baa Baa Black Sheep.

Katie from Storytime Katie created a Mrs. Wishy-Washy for her messy storytime.

Kay from Storytime ABC’s has a Not-A-Flannel-Friday Talk Like a Pirate Day offering. And they’re adorable.

The Library Lady from Story Time with Library Lady has a fall favorite: Fall is Not Easy! Ooo, there’s a video explaining how she did it!

Lisa from Libraryland is giving tips for repurposing your flannelboard.  Are you intrigued?

Lucy from In the Children’s Room has another childhood favorite: The Ants Go Marching. (down into the ground, to get out of the rain boom boom boom)

Maria from The Serpentine Library has baseball themed Down Around the Corner flannel this week.  This was my first visit to Maria’s blog.  I will be a regular visitor there.

Monica from Ram Sam Storytime has some intricate cutting on her Trees and Leaves post.

Sandy from Storytime Sparks has an add-on activity for the book If you Give a Moose a Muffin: Ten Big Muffins.  It’s a cute idea and sort of makes me have the hungries.

Sara from Read, Sarah, Read has 12 Little Donuts and they are adorable.  No, really, I showed them at the desk and everyone came over.  

Tara from Storytime with Miss Tara and Friends is presenting Autumn.  Great timing.

and I’m Sharon and this is my blog.  I presented Clap. Clap your Lap.

•  •  •  •  •  •  •

  • Want to know what’s up for the next Flannel Friday?  Look here!
  • Want help with something Flannel Friday related?  Contact the current Flannel Friday Fairy Godmother
  • Don’t forget the Halloween Round-up on October 5th!
Flannel Friday Roundup for May 11, 2012

Flannel Friday Roundup for May 11, 2012

This is the first week for the new Flannel Friday procedures.  If you haven’t heard yet, there is a brand new home for Flannel Friday.  Round-ups will continue to travel from blog to blog for round-ups but now there is a dedicated space that is Flannel Friday.  Make sense?
Andrea from Roving Fiddlehead Kidlit present Trains Flannelboard an Inspired by Flannel Friday offering.
Anne from SoTomorrow presented a Japanese poem about birds.  Anne, I think coconut is a white fruit.
Cate from Storytiming presents All The Little Bunnies
Jane from Piper Loves the Library reports on the Flannel This Puppet That program she presented at the Connecticut Library Association.  She has quite the collection, wait til you see it!
Katie from Storytime Katie shares Four Little Stars an Inspired By Flannel Friday offering.
Kay Leigh from Storytime ABC’s presents My Mommy is Special.
Linda from Notes from the Storytime Room shares a Draw and Tell: The Night Walk.
Lisa from Libraryland has a flannelized version of Sandra Boynton’s Are You a Cow?  I didn’t know about this title…
Lucy Maud from In the Children’s Room is traveling in the Way Back Machine and present Alphabet Soup.
Mary from Miss Mary Liberry has Aiken Drum this week a sort of re-do of her Flip Flap Jack.  And now I have Raffi in my head.
Monica from Ram Sam Storytime (I love that title) shares a pairing of I’m the Biggest Thing in the Ocean with a song called “Octopus (Slippery Fish)”
Nicole from Narrating Tales of Preschool Storytime invites to hunt down Farmer Brown Shears His Sheep.  Naked sheep, people!
Seth from The Voices Inside My Head (another great title) has a self-described simple craft for the highly acclaimed I Want My Hat Back.
I’m Sharon and this is my blog and this is Monkey Face (perhaps my favorite flannel story ever)!
Thanks for visiting. 

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Flannel Friday Roundup Placeholder

Flannel Friday Roundup Placeholder

update: Go here to see the completed round-up.

Congratulations! You found me!  Flannel Friday for May 11 is here this week.  In the comments below, please leave your first name and a link to your Flannel Friday post.


This is the only place to leave your link this week.  If you have any questions, please leave them below or speak with the FFFG.  Please have your link below no later than 10 pm Central time. (I’ll be in bed, probably, I’m a Saturday Librarian and I have story time at 9:30 am.) Expect the post to be up no later than 12 on Saturday (earlier hopefully).


Thanks, Sharon
Your Faithful Reading Chick

Exciting News for Flannel Friday!

Exciting News for Flannel Friday!

We're Going Legit!

Introducing the Flannel Friday website!

As you know, Anne at So Tomorrow has been an amazing manager and archiver of Flannel Friday information for the past year. Anne and her husband are expecting their first baby in June (congratulations Anne!) so we wanted to give her a break from Flannel Friday during her maternity leave. So this spring, Anne and Mel from Mel’s Desk and a small group of old and new Flannel Friday-ers worked to create a new web home for Flannel Friday.

Here’s the link!

The new site will be the home of the Round Up Schedule, the archives, FAQs about Flannel Friday, information about how to get involved with Flannel Friday, and links to help new members get started with social networking and blogging. There will also be a link to the week’s Round Up, but the Round Up will continue to be hosted on individual blogs. We’ll just point to each Round Up from the site.

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Dream Big — Read! A Flannel Friday Extravaganza Roundup!

Dream Big — Read! A Flannel Friday Extravaganza Roundup!

Welcome to the Summer Reading club Round-up. Some people this week presented stories for the CLSP theme, Dream Big — Read. Whether or not you are participating in this year’s theme, check these posts out. We have some very talented people participating in Flannel Friday!


Not everyone is doing the CLSP theme. Some libraries are doing themes on their own and some are doing the Illinois Library Association’s Theme: Reading is So Delicious. As a former IREAD chair, I’d like to take this time to tell you what a great program this is. I know next year’s theme, Have Book Will Travel, is being illustrated (in part) by Anna Dewdney

Okay, enough commercials. On to the Roundup…

Stories, Songs, and Flannels for the Dream Big — Read theme:

Shawn from Read Rhyme and Sing

Five different flannel stories in one post!


Linda from Notes from the Story Room

The Little Breeze


Andrea our Roving Fiddlehead Kid Lit

Nocturne Animals


Lucy from In the Children’s Room

Five Astronauts at Play


Angela at Valley Storytime

The Bear’s Pajamas


Katie at StorytimeSecrets

Several Thingsfor Dream Big Read


Sarah at Read it Again

Not Very Flannely idea for Dream Big — Read


Lisa from Libraryland

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Katie from Recipe for Reading
has a whole list of Brainstorming for SRC — there’s lots of excellent ideas here!

Anne at So Tomorrow
Little Moon

Kay Leigh from Storytime ABC’s presents
a post filled with ideas
I’m Sharon and this is my blog. My contribution this week is an encore of a post from a few months ago.

How Many Feet in the Bed? by Diane Johnston Hamm


Other things presented this week:

Meghan from Busy Crafting Mom

Wind Rain and Clouds storytime


Courtney from Miss Courtney Meets Bobo

Five Little Froggies


Maureen at StrongStart

A Bunny Called Nat


Cate from Storytiming has two!

Feltboard App for Andriod!!  and Popsicle by Jodi Koplin


The Library Lady From Story Time with the Library Lady presents

A “Foam Friday” Eggcellent


Two (2!) entries based on Raffi songs:

Fussy Hean from Fussy Hen at the Library
Pigs Wanna Fly


Kari Ann from My Storytime Life

Little White Duck
Since Kari Ann has her comments turned off this is my chance to tell Kari Ann that I like her blog and her contributions to Flannel Friday!!!

Flannel Friday details:

Erin from Falling Flannelboards has the round-up for April 6

Anne from So Tomorrow is the keeper of the details… She’s looking for people to host Flannel Friday Round-ups. Will it be you? You can find her contact info on the blog!
Melissa from Mel’s Desk originated Flannel Friday, has the Flannel Friday bling to grab, and has a custom Google search for all things story time!

Thanks for dropping by…

Flannel Friday Round-Up for September 30, 2011

Flannel Friday Round-Up for September 30, 2011

Hi. I’m hosting this week’s Flannel Friday Round-up — all Flannel Boards, All the Time.  It’s a special 6-month anniversary edition of Flannel Friday Round-up filled with lots and lots of social networking opportunities.

Flannel Friday has become my favorite blog-related activity. I find myself thinking more about flannel boards and how I use them in story time these last 24 or so weeks.  It’s really helped me professionally.  Thank you all for sharing your talents!

Now on to the Social Media stuff:

1.  Pinterest, Custom Searching, and Blog Bling:  Melissa From Mel’s Desk created this beautiful button for you to proudly display on your blog. (Once you have the code embedded on your blog, the button will link to the Flannel Friday Pinterest pages.)

Isn't it pretty? This image will lead you to Mel's page to get the code...

Since it’s been six months of Flannel Friday, you may have a hard time keeping all these great flannel ideas straight. The Pinterest board is a great, but Miss Melissa has a Custom Google search: Searching the Sources which is hugely helpful!  (I used it yesterday!)

2.  Participating.  If you want to learn more about Flannel Friday and how to participate, Anne is the keeper of dates and what-to-dos.

3.  Facebook.  Now Flannel Friday is on Facebook!  Find it here!  By the way, there are a lot of Flannel Friday groups on Facebook.  This group isn’t so much about plaid shirts …

This week’s Non-Flannel Contributions:

Sometimes story time materials aren’t made with flannel.  Props and puppets are a great tool to use in story time.

Anna from Future Librarian Superhero

Old Macdonald Prop

Tracey from 1234 More Storytimes

Bear Went Over the Mountain

This week’s Flannel Friday Contributions:

Cate from Storytiming

Whose Footprints are Those

Erin from Falling Flannelboards

I Spy Forest Animals

Katie from Storytime Katie


Katie from  Storytime Secrets


Library Quine from Loons and Quines @ LibraryTime

Pete the Cat  – I spent too long making these! (a sentiment I can relate to)

Mollie from  What Happens in Storytime


Sarah from Miss Sarah Storytime

Five Snowmen

Seth from The Voices Inside My Headphones

Five Little piggies

Flannel Boards that Tell Stories:

Allison from Miss Allison is Blogging

When Goldilocks Went to the House of Bears

Andrea from Roving Fiddlehead

Too Much Noise

Anne from So Tomorrow

The Rat’s Daughter

Linda from Notes from the Story Room

Old woman who lived in a vinegar bottle

Mary from Miss Mary Liberry

The Bossy Gallito/El Gallo De Bodas

Nicole from Narrating Tales of Preschool Storytime

I Dream of an Elephant

…. I’m Sharon this is my blog

Apple-y Delicious Redux

If I missed you, please leave a comment and I’ll make sure it’s listed. Thanks.  Have a great weekend!



Flannel Friday Round-up for July 22nd

Flannel Friday Round-up for July 22nd

It’s my turn to host the round-up for Flannel Friday.  If you’re unfamiliar with Flannel Friday, you can learn more about it on Anne’s blog.  There is a loose theme of Summertime this week … if you try really hard you’ll find it…

Andrea from rovingfiddlehead kidlit has DIY on her mind.  She’s sharing Toolboxes and the Missing Hammer.
You can find Andrea on Twitter @aflemming

Love is in the air as Anne from So Tomorrow shares The Big Hearted Elephant to honor the wedding she’s attending this weekend.
You can find Anne on Twitter @SoTomorrow

Bridget from What’s Bridget Reading has Five Little Pigs/Clean and Dirty Pigs.
You can find Bridget on Twitter @BridgetRWilson

Cate from Storytiming has an adorable looking Fox with Cold Feet an out of print book.
Cate can be found on Twitter @CatetheLibrarian

Linda from Notes from the Story Room has an article on using Memory Game in library programs.
Linda isn’t on Twitter, which goes to show you that you too can participate with Flannel Friday!

Melissa from Mel’s Desk shares how everyone’s favorite insect, Ladybugs, can be used in story time.
You can follow Meliss on Twitter @MelissaZD

Mary from Miss Mary Liberry has a story time crowd management solution.  Don’t know which color to pick, have the Color Spinner decide for you.
You can follow Mary on Twitter @DaisyCakes

Tracey from 1234 More Storytimes wonders Doggy Doggy Who Has Your Bone?  If it was my house the answer would be Ava-roo, but that’s another discussion.
You can follow Tracey on  @tcy28

…and I’m Sharon.  You can find my post Lunch by Denise Fleming on this blog.
You can follow me on Twitter @ReadingChick