Barnyard Dance

Barnyard Dance

Saturday Storytime
attendance: 47
Miss Mouse was wearing a pretty yellow dress and told a joke:

Knock Knock
who’s there?
Cargo who?
Car go beep beep beep.

fingerplay: Clap. clap your lap.
Book 1:Chickens to the Rescue. by John Himmelman. We practiced saying “Chickens to the rescue”. It was too much for one boy who cried at the noise, so we toned it down.It’s such a funny book.
Prop Story:Too Much Noise by Ann McGovern. An oldie but a goodie. I like audience participation, so I’ve worked the story to include instruments:

  • The bed creaked? tambourines
  • The floor squeaked? clappers
  • The leaves falling on the roof? rattles
  • Tea kettle whislting? jingle bells

After the instruments have been passed out, we practice a bit. Usually it’s a cacophony of sound, which is okay, the point is these things are noisy. I tell the story, using puppets as the animals the wise man counsels Peter into getting. I love this story.
Song:Drivin’ in my Car by Ralph’s World
Book 2: Big Yellow Sunflower by Frances Barry. I like throwing in a book that has nothing to do with the week’s theme… it mixes it up. Have you seen this title? When the pages unfurl, the mystery of that little seed is revealed.
Story Card and Song:: Barnyard Dance by Sandra Boynton. We photocopied the book to make it large enough for crowds to see. It’s one of my favorite Boynton books; I love the cadence. We somehow have the music to this as well. And we tried it out. Too hard to do in preschool storytime. I’d almost like to do it with grade school kids.
Book 3: Pigs to the Rescue by John Himmelman. So Chickens to the Rescue ends with the pigs running in to help the Greenstalk family. We had time, so I read this one… but those piggies are not nearly as helpful as the chickens. I like the chicken book better and will not be doing both books in one storytime. It’s too much.
Fingerplay 2: Roll roll sugar babies.
Book 4: If You’re Happy and You know it by David Carter.

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