Baa-Choo by Sarah Weeks

Baa-Choo by Sarah Weeks

Baa-Choo by Sarah Weeks is an I Can Read book. I love using readers for flannel books. As we all know repetition is king for stories and readers use lots of repetition. Win. I won’t tell the whole story… just the highlights. It’s a really fun story.

Poor Sam the Lamb wants to sneeze. He has the Baa, just not the choo.

Baa - Baa - Baa. No Choo.
Gwen the Hen offers her feather to tickle his nose.

No Choo.

Sig the Pig tries black pepper and his electric fan...

No Choo.

Franny the Nanny Goat and her Kid kicked up dust...

Baa – Baa – Baaa … He almost has it, he’s so close… everyone does their thing to get Sam to sneeze and finally let’s it go.


In fact he sneezes so hard, he blows all the animals off the flannel board. Sam is a grateful Lamb.

The End.

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  1. ANY story that involves the pieces flying off the flannelboard is a win! 🙂 I have GOT to spend more time in the easy reader section!

    Yes! I love readers because the text is concise and there is loads of repetition. A winning recipe for flannelizing. ~sh 11.11

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