Apple-y Delicious Redux

Apple-y Delicious Redux

A little slow on the apple uptake, here. But I have some apple flannels to share — one was borrowed from Flannel Friday and one was shared last week.

1) 5 Little Apples — not one, not two, but three 4 other participants have shared this. Katie, Katie, Anna, and Anne have all shared their version.

5 Little Apples hung on a tree
The farmer wasn’t there
So guess who came to eat?
A caterpillar … munch munch munch

I plan on using puppets for the caterpillar, bird, pig, horse, and crow. I hope we have enough finger puppets, if not they’ll look pretty gi-huge-o compared to my apple tree.

5 Little Apples Sitting in a tree

The apples were made from red pom-poms with a piece of brown cord glued in to look like a stem.

2) Last week Melissa shared The Mouse and the Apple by Stephen Butler. Based on the shape of Mouse, I always thought it was a long lost Leo Lionni book. It’s nice to know the origin of this story time favorite. The flannel predates my employment (1997) at this library.

Since Melissa shared the story last week, I won’t get into too much detail, but Mouse wants that apple hanging in that tree and his friends try to help.

I love that elegant line of the goose

But, perseverance pays and Mouse get’s his apple. Munch Munch Munch.

Must be a honey crisp.

This week I have the round-up. Watch this blog for Flannel Friday contributions.

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  1. Love the little twigs on the apples, such a fun detail. I LOVE seeing when we post the same rhyme. It’s great for brainstorming to see how different people create different images. Thanks for being a part of Flannel Friday for so long!

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