Jim Gill’s List of Dances

Jim Gill’s List of Dances

I wasn’t going to participate this week but became inspired by Michelle’s blog entry from last week’s Flannel Friday. Michelle asked about story time songs and in the discussion that followed in the comments, several of us talked about Jim Gill.

Several years ago at a library assistant’s workshop, Jim Gill was performing. He mentioned his List of Dances song and recommended making an actual list. It was such a good idea, a former staff member did just that. She took a long piece of navy blue felt, created a banner out if it, cut out colorful letters.  (At the time we didn’t have the tiny ellison die cuts… but with the smaller alphabets out there, it is doable.  Once again, I did not do it.  I just get to work here.  ♥)  and viola, she made this …  “a list that is sixteen dances long.”

Jim Gill’s List of Dances.


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5 Replies to “Jim Gill’s List of Dances”

  1. That is so cute! I have always just printed a list on posterboard, but this is definitely cuter and more durable.

  2. At the time, I do not think we had the small die-cut letters. (This is probably 10 years old.) So, yes, she did it by hand. I think she went old school and went with stencils. This was a long term project and didn’t take a shift, rather as long as it took to get it done “just right”, which is the way my department head likes it. (Not perfect, just right.)

  3. I adore the idea of using the words on a list!! I have to ask — do you know if your co-worker cut these out or if she used a die-cut machine? The cuts are perfect looking, and the colors pop so nicely off of the navy blue!

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