Five Circus Elephants

Five Circus Elephants


After last week’s Flannel Friday, I had elephants on my brain.  You guessed it: my Saturday story time was on elephants.  I thought this was cute.  I like the elephant dancing a jig.   I feel like this is begging for a tune, the words don’t fit to the one in my head though.. I present to you:

Five Circus Elephants:

Five Circus Elephants waiting near the door20110416-112248.jpg
One jumps through a hoop,
And now there are four.

Four circus elephants looking up to see,
One walks around the ring,
and now there are three.

Three circus elephants waiting for their cue, One dances to a song,
and now there are two.

Two circus elephants looking for some fun,
One bounced a yellow ball,
And now there is one.

One Circus elephant standing all alone,
he waved his trunk to say goodbye,
And slowly walked on home.

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