Summer Time Vacation Time Saturday Storytime

Summer Time Vacation Time Saturday Storytime

Saturday Storytime
attendance: 63
Miss Mouse: was hiding behind picnic items: She was behind the basket
Miss Mouse was wearing a picnic dress. She had a basket filled with good things: cupcake, croissant, cheese (of course), and a carton of orange juice.
fingerplay: Clap, Clap your Lap.
Book 1: It’s Vacation Time by by Lerryn Korda.  Delightful.
Song: Ants in your Pants by Johnette Downing.  I’d never heard of Johnette Downing until yesterday’s Flannel Friday roundup. And then this morning I notice Ants in Your Pants song on the iPod, just before story time.  I loved it.  We were having  a grand time shaking the shrew from our shoe, and swarms on our arms when CRASH a kid hits the ground crying.  No mom.  Someone offered to get another librarian.  I stopped the music and went straight to …

Finger Play: Roll Roll Sugar Babies.  Once my co-worker came in to rescue our crying parent-less child. I told the boys and girls that Miss D would find her mommy.  We continued with Roll Sugar Babies and everyone took a breath.
Book 2: Beach Day by Patricia Lakin. Another great story time book. But we were a disorganized group and needed to regroup
Song 2: The Freeze by Greg and Steve. We got our wiggles out and I could continue
Finger Play: Hickory Dickory Dock
Book: Stop That Pickle by Peter Armour.  A little long, but it’s a fun story and who doesn’t love yelling “Stop That Pickle!”
Book: If You’re Happy and You Know it by David Carter
Titles I didn’t use but intended to:

  • Flannel: Five Little Ice Cream Cones
  • Book: Wemberley’s Ice Cream Star

Follow-up: After story time ended, I wanted to follow up on the little girl who fell.  She was an early 3 and wasn’t really talking to staff.  They paged the mom two or three times and the in-charge staff was just about to call the police when the mom strolled in with a baby on her hip.  It seems she didn’t hear the page.  The mom was told several times that open story time means you are in the room with your children.  {shaking head and trying not to judge}

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  1. I think you handled the parentless, crying girl situation very well. It’s always stressful when something goes wrong, and I’ll never understand parents who are comfortable leaving their 3-year-olds unattended in public places. Still, you did a great job handling not only the crying girl situation, but also getting the other kiddos calmed down to continue storytime. Kudos! 🙂

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