Happy Flanniversary, Happy Flanniversary. Happy Flanniversary. Happy Flanniversary!

Happy Flanniversary, Happy Flanniversary. Happy Flanniversary. Happy Flanniversary!

It’s my Flannel Friday One Year Anniversary. Or it will be on April 1st. From April to June, I contributed a flannel story board every week. In June, I was feeling burn-out and decided to contribute a post twice a month.


I’ve done four round-ups up to this week… this week is my fifth.


The number of hits on my blog has jumped tenfold!! My busiest day was Monday, October 3rd… the Monday after the September 30, 2011 round-up. I had 639 hits. That round-up has had more than 1300 hits. I know some blogs get that in a day, but for this little blog, it’s a lot!


I’m stealing the following statistics from Anne’s Anniversary post:

Flannel Friday Stats and Superlatives

# of my Flannel Friday posts so far: 32
Most popular Flannel Friday post by # of hits: Make a Pig
Most pinned Flannel Friday post: My Red Umbrella with 21 pins (by my count)
My most used Flannel Fridays: Jim Gill’s List of Dances
My personal favorite: Make-a-Pig. It’s so much fun and so requires so much interaction with my audience. I’ve yet to share my favorite flannel story, although it’s been shared by another sometime this year….
My top ten blog posts (as of 3.21.12)


Flannel Friday Roundup for 9.30.11 1,314
Flannel Friday Roundup for 5.27 900
Make a Pig Flannel 508
Introducing Miss Mouse 488
Lunch by Denise Fleming 413
Sam’s Sandwich 400
Jim Gill’s List of Dances 395
Boom Boom, Aint it Great to Be Crazy 329
Flip Flap Jack 293
An Elephant Never Forgets 286


My coolest Flannel Friday moment: Having people visit my little itty bitty blog. Who’d a thought it? Really.

Also, honestly, when Katie mentioned Introducing … Miss Mouse on the ALSC blog post: Creating Traditions at Storytime. I was pretty surprised and pleased. She’s a special part of our library and it’s nice to know she’s inspired others!


This year has been filled with learning and networking and a I feel blessed to be part of such a talented little group. Together we are serving children with great literature.


Blog on…Sharon

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